ALL IN ONE POS solution

Fiscal cash registers for a good bussiness

Choose between a portable or fixed Android device that comes bundled with pre-installed fiscalization software and a card acceptance service with the lowest fees and get your bussiness started.

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SoEasy solution suits everyone!

Restaurants, canteens
and catering

and bars

Hairdressers, fitness and
beauty salons

Retail stores
in and out of stores

Taxi and

Events - 1 day,
several days or period

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All in one desktop POS cash register with integrated contactless payment and thermal printer will perfectly fit any space.

The cash register includes:

  • SP101AE all in one device
  • SoEasy software (1)
  • Support
  • Education
  • SIM card
Order Abacus

a one-time price for the all-in-one cashier solution

Abacus Mini

Portable device

Fiscal cash register for a good job on the go. With its beautiful and modern screen, it fits in the palm of your hand.

The cash register includes:

  • SP900 portable device
  • SoEasy software (1)
  • Support
  • Education
  • SIM card

card acceptance service (2)

Order Abacus mini

a one-time price for the all-in-one cashier solution

(1) One-year cashier's license included

(2) Possibility of a one-year license for the card acceptance service

Additional equipment

Payment service
HiLite mPos

card acceptance service

Holder + charger for
HiLite device

80mm printer



The "Card Acceptance" service is quickly and easily approved for the following cards: MasterCard, Maestro, Visa, Diners, Premium Visa

The service offers you lower fees and quick payment to your bank account within 72 hours and enables your customers to make faster and easier purchases.

We have enabled the provision of the "Card Acceptance" service through our POS devices and specially developed payment applications that provide: "All-in-one“ POS Solution"


90% of the functions of the cash register stored in the "cloud" so that you can perform most of your activities remotely and solve your tasks much more efficiently and economically

10% of the cash register functions stored locally on the device allow the cash register to function even when there is no internet connection and you can still issue your invoices, and they will be subsequently fiscalized as soon as the internet connection is available

Within the system you can:

Support 08-18h

Available to you when you need it most Support 01 7980 050

Reduce crowds and costs with SoEasy

Intuitive and simple interface and support guarantee you a good solution and ease of use. With TakoLako there are no hidden costs - order without a contractual obligation.